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AMERICAN HERITAGE GIRLS is a ministry of POPC. AHG is a character development organization for girls that embraces Christian values and meets here at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church!

The registration meeting will take place Tuesday, September 3 in the education building. For more information, email Jennifer Kimbrough at ahgms1423@ccs.ms.

TRAIL LIFE USA is a Christ-centered outdoor character development adventure program open to boys and young men ages 5-17.  Boys will love the fun and adventure, and parents will love the commitment to a Christian worldview and moral consistency.  The Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church troop (MS-1031) is actively seeking new members in preparation for the start of fall activities. 

On Saturday, August 17, 2019 we will have a Welcome Back Outing at the Gamblins’ property. This is open to all troop members (Woodlands Trail youth need to be accompanied by a parent, or other guardian). The event is also open to prospective families, so if you know someone interested in the program, please invite them. The event will be from 11:00-1:00 (details to be provided separately). We ask you to register for this event at the following LINK. Note:Navigators and Adventurers will be having a special activity from 9:00-11:00 on Saturday (prior to the Welcome Back Event). This will be to allow the boys to get swim certification (required for water activities) and to work on kayaking skills in advance of a September kayaking trip on the Okatoma Creek. Details are included at the registration link. This activity is open to all boys that are 11-17 (6th - 12th grades), including the boys that are promoting up to Navigators at the start of this new season. Please register for the outing as soon as possible. We'd love to have a good headcount by Tuesday, August 13, if at all possible.

  1. Remember that we are moving troop meetings to Tuesday nights this year. Our first troop meeting will be Tuesday, August 20, 2018 in the gym at POPC. Meeting times are the same as before, with signin beginning around 6:15 and meeting start at 6:30. The interval will be 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays.

  2. We will be having an orientation session for parents and trailmen in the navigator and adventurer units (including those promoting up) in August. We are working on the date for this meeting, so watch out for details to come.

  3. As you may have noticed, Trail Life USA has moved from TroopTrack to a new platform called Trail Life Connect. Please take a minute and navigate tohttps://www.traillifeconnect.com and login to the new platform. You will use the same email address as you used with TroopTrack. If this is your first time to login, please click the link for "forgot password" to have your password reset and login instructions emailed to you. We will not be using TroopTrack any longer for troop management functions.

  4. If you are already a registered member of the troop but have a younger son that is eligible to join the troop this year, we need you to login to Trail Life Connect as soon as possible and register the new youth. Once logged in, click on your Profile on the left side menu and you will see a green button to register a son.

  5. We will begin dues collection in late August. Please note that we will be using CheddarUp to collect dues this year, so we will not be taking cash or checks as in past. The dues collection process and links will be posted to the troop website soon.

  6. If you have a son that is a Navigator or Adventurer, please note that TLUSA has released a revised version of the Trailman's handbook. If at all possible, it would be good for everyone to have the newest release of this as some of the program requirements have been modified. If your son is moving up to Navigators this year, it would be good to have this manual in hand when we launch on August 20. You can find the handbooks HERE.

  7. If your son does not have a uniform, we encourage you to please purchase a uniform this season. We prefer to have the boys dressed in their formal uniform for troop meetings (unless you are coming from athletic events or activities and don't have time to change). Uniforms are the method for displaying achievements, so it is ideal for each boy to have one. Uniforms can be purchased at the Trail Life USA Store. If you have any questions or concerns about uniforms, please let me know.

We have a lot of fun things planned for this year, and are excited to be getting back into the routine! If you have any questions, please email me (bhatchett@granthampoole.com) or Jeff Gamblin (jrgamblin@gmail.com).