Children's choirs


We believe that worship of Almighty God is our highest calling, and our duty as believers is to pass on that worship to the next generation. In our worship services, our covenant children can see what worship looks like, and in Children’s Choirs, they learn vital skills that will have a direct, lifetime impact on their worship of God. Children are taught the basics of singing and learn how to direct their singing in praise to God. Then they have the opportunity to serve the Lord and their church family by assisting in worship. The Cherub Choir presents an annual Christmas Pageant. Praise Troop and Covenant lead in worship regularly throughout the year. Their choir year ends with a spring tour.

Children’s choirs are offered during the school year for children four years old through eighth grade. They meet on Sunday evenings and are dismissed to choir from the evening worship service.

  • Cherub Choir – 4 yrs. through first grade meets in the Outback Room in the Multi-Purpose Building. Directed by Emily Ulrich and Liz Taylor, with help from a team of able youth and adults, this choir focuses on finding the singing voice, using our voices in worship, and having fun with music and instruments. Learning hymns of faith is a large part of our curriculum each year. Cherub Choir members must be picked up by a family member in their choir room immediately after the evening service.



  • Praise Troop – second through fourth grades meet in the Choir Room #138 in the Education Building. They will be directed by Margaret Sprow assisted by her seasoned team of volunteers. This choir concentrates on fundamentals of music reading with further training in leading in worship. Singers may be picked up in the choir room.





  • Covenant – Fifth through eighth grades meet on the second floor of the Education Building. Grace Anna Lane, a graduate from Belhaven University, is our Covenant Director. She will be assisted by enthusiastic volunteers and will challenge this group to put feet on their faith and use their music to minister to our own church body and others in the community. Singers will be dismissed when the evening service is over.