Fellowship Ministries


Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.
1 Cor 12:27



Wedding and Baby Showers

Locations, Dates, & Times TBA

Women’s Ministries considers it a privilege to host showers for brides‐to‐be and first‐time mothers. Gifts are welcome, but not required. Our covenant focus is to come along side our sisters in Christ to spiritually encourage them and to pray for them during these pivotal seasons of life. As one of our ladies put it, “This is just one way to stand for marriage and family in not just word, but deed.” These showers provide an excellent opportunity for fellowship as well as a beautiful way to get to know our young ladies who may be relatively new to POPC. Look for announcements in the bulletin, Women’s Ministries Newsletter, and POPC Newsletter. Would you like to be part of a shower team that hosts one to two showers per year? Contact Kacky Darnall (927-5358; kdwic@aol.com) to volunteer.

Wednesday Lunch Bunch

A group of ladies meets for lunch at different restaurants. This group has fostered sweet, inter-generational relationships. If you would like to receive a text or email with information about the lunch each week, contact Cindy Fox (cindy890@aol.com).

Summer Gatherings

Dates, Times & Locations TBA

Since we are scattered in such different directions during the summer, we’ll have occasion to reconnect and cool off through meeting together at various restaurants and/or in homes. Stay tuned for further information!