Nursery/Church Time Schedule:


We welcome you and your child to the Nursery of Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church in America.  We are committed to assisting you in “raising your children in the nurture and admonition of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  It is our desire to provide loving and responsible care for your child during your attendance at our various church services.


 The Scriptures tell us that everything we do is to be done to the glory of God.  Our nursery can glorify God in the way we take care of the little ones who are entrusted to our care each week.

There are several reasons why we have a nursery for our infants and toddlers.  While it is indeed our desire to introduce our covenant children to the corporate worship of God at an early age, we nonetheless recognize the fact that in their earliest years they are unable to actively participate in the worship of God with his people (Nehemiah 8:2).

That fact, coupled with the realization that infants and toddlers are marked by behavior that is age appropriate but can be distracting to their parents and others, leads us to believe that a nursery is a good and proper thing.  Infants and toddlers naturally cry to make their needs know; they make all kinds of noises as they exercise their little voices in expressing themselves and in learning to talk; they squirm and wiggle about as they exercise muscles and expend energy; and they do all kinds of cute little things that people love to watch.  As they grow older they will learn to control their behavior, but in these early years it is not right to expect them to do so.  In the nursery, they are free to move about and chatter and play as is their natural inclination.  They may also be changed and fed and put to bed without distraction to the worshiping congregation.

Nursery Schedule

Sunday Services a.m. –  Sunday Nursery is for children from birth through Toddlers. (Children who are 2 years of age by Sept. 1 go to 2 year old Sunday School and to church time during worship.)  

Sunday Services p.m. – Children from birth through Toddlers.
2 year olds go into the evening service and when the children are dismissed they go to the Toddler Nursery where they are cared for by a nursery worker.

Wednesday Services am – A ladies Bible study is offered on Wednesday morning during the school year and a nursery is provided for children 4 and under.   Reservations must be made for nursery as space is limited.

Wednesday Services pm- Wednesday night nursery is offered during regular Wed. Night activities by reservation when you sign up for scheduled activities. Children birth through age 3 are in nursery on Wednesday nights.

Special Events – When special events are offered and a nursery is required, arrangements should be made with the Nursery Director for proper number of workers.  Only approved workers may be used

Nursery Sick Policy - We warmly welcome your child into our nursery and children’s programs if he or she has not had any of the following symptoms in the last 48 hours:

Coughing & sneezing
non clear nasal drainage
 runny nose and eyes
 fever of 100 or above
 vomiting or diarrhea
inflamed mouth and/or throat, or type rash.
We’ll never stop colds and illnesses, but we try to make your child’s class an ideal place for them to only catch the joy of Christ!  All children should be current on ALL immunizations.

Newborns – Newborns are welcome into the nursery after they have had their first set of immunizations.

Procedures when dropping off your child –

1.    Please go the nursery reception desk and check your child via the Ipad. Make sure all your child’s items
are clearly marked with FIRST name, not last name or initials, to insure the workers give the proper items to your child. Please do not enter the rooms unless you have a sleeping baby; simple pass the children over the half door.
2.    When children are checked in, your cell number will be on the tag that prints out so we will call your cell phone when you are needed. The main church number 601-956-3283 will appear on your phone. Please equip your child’s diaper bag with diapers, cups, bottles, complete change of clothing, pacifiers or other items that would comfort your child
3.    Formula and bottles – Formula that needs to be mixed should be pre-measured with water already in bottle.
Baby food should be fed by parents before dropping your child off. A special area is provided for nursing mothers.
4.    If your child has a food allergy, ALLERGY ALERT TAGS are located on the nursery desk and in the Children’s Ministry Office and must be used each time your child is left in our care.
5.    Parents are expected to pick up children immediately following the service.  Workers are allowed to release a child only to the parent or anyone designated on the label placed on the child.  Siblings must be over 15 years of age to pick up a child from the nursery.