One Story Ministries is a non-profit publishing ministry of Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church (PCA) located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Our mission is to produce and disseminate Biblically-based curricula, music, and materials which may be used for the education and edification of the Church.

One Story Ministries offers FIVE main resources:

Investigating God’s Word… — A seven year, comprehensive, Christ-centered Sunday School curriculum for Kindergarten through sixth grade. The curriculum covers all of God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation, in a systematic way. Each quarter includes 13 lessons for a total of 52 weeks each year.

Implementing God’s Word… is a six year, Christ-centered and Gospel-Driven Sunday School curriculum for Middle School and High School students. Each quarter includes 13 lessons for a total of 52 weeks each year. Year 1: Biblical Worldview Basics; Year 2: Biblical Relationships; Year 3: Old Testament Survey; Year 4: New Testament Survey; Year 5: Apologetics; Year 6: Biblical Counseling.

Investigating God’s Word…At Home — An adaptation of our Sunday School curriculum for home use. The twenty-eight Sunday School quarterly units have been condensed to fourteen spiral-bound study books, each the size of a compact Bible. Every volume has 26 lessons that can be taught at any pace. Just like the Sunday School curriculum, each lesson is Christ-centered, Reformed, highly applicable, and interactive.

Investigating God’s Word…At School — is a Bible curriculum designed for Christian schools, grades K-5th. Each unit provides material for four lessons a week for nine weeks. The recommended teaching block is 30-40 minutes. This Bible curriculum also includes a Worldview Builder, a Defend the Faith section, and Scripture memory.

The Scottish Sleuths Vacation Bible School curriculum — This VBS series has been designed to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to children through a week-long, intensive study of God’s Word. The Scottish Sleuths characters—Super Bible Sleuth Angus McTavish and Professor Dabney Thornwell symbolically portray the fact that we want our children to become “investigators” of God’s Word. These two detectives lead the children on a “Bible case” each year, alternating between stories in the Old and New Testaments. So instead of changing themes each year, this VBS curriculum series keeps the Scottish Sleuths theme and simply changes the “case”—much like new episodes of your favorite television show.

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