Adult Sunday School


The purpose of our adult Sunday School curriculum at Pear Orchard is to provide Christ centered, Biblically based, and theologically informed instruction and discussion toward the goal of the growth of each member of the Body in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. During the Fall and Spring, Pear Orchard offers age-based adult Sunday School classes. During the Summer, Pear Orchard offers elective adult Sunday School classes.

Sunday School begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs until 10:45 a.m.  Classes currently being taught are listed below.  See the maps at the bottom of the page to locate your classroom.

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POPC Adult Sunday School Classes

College students are welcome at all classes!

Adult Summer Sunday School Electives, starting May 5th:

The Gospel Through Your Ages (Teacher: Neil Barnes): Room 127

How Jesus Builds His Church: The Theology and History of Missions (Teacher:: Caleb Cangelosi) Room 238

What is Calvinism?  (Teacher: Wilson Van Hooser) Room 314

World Religions and the Gospel: (Teacher: John Kwasny) Cafeteria. 

Details about each class



International Sunday School Class
Steve Morris
Room 220

Sonbeams (Special Needs) Adults
Room 232