ChildX Anti-Trafficking Unit Outreach and Hotline Group Training hosted by Moses Basket & Palmer Home

Moses Basket & Palmer Home are hosting a ChildX Anti-Trafficking Unit Outreach and Hotline Group Training. This event will prepare to immediately commence outreach operations to reach women and teens currently being trafficked in Mississippi. We hope you will join us and receive your certification to engage this critical mission in the process of rescuing the oppressed here in our beloved State of Mississippi!


ChildX Madison Anit-Trafficking Unit (ATU) – ALL, regardless of denomination, who are interested in working on the frontlines in the fight against trafficking in Mississippi


ChildX Anti Trafficking Unit Outreach and Hotline Training

*Human Trafficking 101

*Faith Based Organization Module

*ChildX Outreach Training Module

*ChildX Hotline Training Module

*ChildX Extraction and Transport Overview Module


Tuesday, June 6, 2017 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Pear Orchard Church (In the Gym)

750 South Pear Orchard Road

Ridgeland, MS


To prepare the Madison ChildX Outreach and Hotline Team to immediately engage outreach and hotline operations in Mississippi. The objective is to reach as many trafficking victims as possible, and lead as many possible out of “the life” throughout the state


ChildX VP of Rescue, Robert Farris and Director of Rescue Paul Neier will be presenting this in depth “basic training” to prepare our Madison Team to “get in the fight” immediately

If you are interested please contact Paul Neier at