Your mission teams need your support!

In less than a month, POPC will be sending out two mission teams: 26 youth and chaperones will be traveling to the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington, and 13 adults and youth will be traveling to Trujillo, Peru. Please be praying for the Lord to work in and through these teams. They also need you to send them financially: the Peru team has raised approximately $15,000 of the $30,000 needed, and the Yakama team has raised approximately $21,000 of the $34,000 needed. If you would like to support either of these teams and their work, please do so in the next two weeks. If you have already contributed toward these trips, thank you for your generosity! Our confidence is that Jesus is building His church around the globe, and as we go to make disciples at home and abroad, we go in His strength and provision. What a privilege for each one of us to participate in His mission, working for the joy of the lost and the found!