A Thank You from Joe Deegan

Two Sundays ago, we were privileged to have Joe Deegan, the RYM Music Resources Coordinator, accompanying our morning worship service. We received this week a thank you note from him, and we wanted to pass it along to you. Please note the Bible study he has written. Continue to keep the ministry of RYM in your prayers!

Dear Pear Orchard Presbyterian,

Thank you so much for having me at your church a couple weeks ago to sing and lead worship! It was such an honor and privilege for me to get to be there with you. I sing and play at several churches and events throughout the year, but I felt more at home at Pear Orchard than I have at almost any other church I’ve visited. There was a genuine warmth there from everyone I met, and I would love to come back again sometime soon if y’all would have me.

I’m also grateful for the love and support you gave to me after the service and the interest you showed in the music of RYM Worship. I wanted to write and tell you where you could find the music in case anyone else is interested. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music under the artist name “RYM Worship.” The album title is “Promised Land.” Just search for either of those, and the album should pop up.

I also wanted to let you know about a 12-week Bible Study curriculum that I wrote to go along with the album that is available for free on RYM’s website: https://www.rym.org/bible-studies_1/posts/promised-land-bible-study. The study is intended for youth groups but could be used by anyone. It walks through the Scripture and stories behind each of the songs on the album, and it’s set with small group questions and takeaways for discussion.

Again, I just wanted to write and say how grateful I am for the love and support you showed me. I would be honored to come back again sometime and visit. You all made my family feel very welcome, and most importantly, you showed the love of Jesus in your worship, preaching, liturgy, and hospitality. I appreciate all you’re doing for the kingdom at Pear Orchard.

In Christ, Joe Deegan

New Resource: RYM Student Podcast

Our very own John Perritt has launched a new podcast for RYM aimed at students. Parents and mentors can use this resource to listen to with their kids, small groups can use this to launch into a good discussion, and students can listen to it in the car on the way to and from school. These short podcasts will answer such questions as:

  • Who is Jesus?

  • What has Jesus done for us?

  • What is my purpose in life?

  • What is mercy?

  • What is the Bible?

  • How do I know God?

For more information and to listen to the podcasts, click here.