Our Vision

To see Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church glorify God through integrating children and adults with differing abilities into the life and the mission of the church.

Our Mission Statement

We believe that individuals with disabilities are precious gifts from God.  We consider it a privilege and a calling from God to reach out to those who are disabled because this ministry represents the very heart of God.  We are committed not just to serving these individuals, but in equipping them to become vital members of the body of Christ.  Ultimately, we live to demonstrate the magnificent beauty of Jesus Christ and the power of His life-transforming presence to individuals with special needs.

Our Invitation to You

We would love to have you join us in worship and Sunday School each and every Sunday.  If you have any questions about our ministry to special needs families email Martie Kwasny or call her at 601-919-8605.

Have you met someone with disabilities at a restaurant or while out shopping and wanted to invite them to Sonbeams but weren’t sure how?  Here is a card you can print to hand out.  It has the dates for this year’s SNOs.


  • Martie Kwasny — Director
  • Jamie Austin
  • Billye Dallas
  • Parke Fowler
  • Gisele Hansbrough
  • Nancy Hulsey
  • Marie Johnson
  • Jennifer Kimbrough
  • Serena Lucas
  • Morgan Vitart
  • Marsha Walden
  • Michael Watts
  • Terri Wells
  • Tammy ZumMallen

Auxiliary Members

  • Meredith Carroll
  • Evie Clark
  • Jeanie Kalberkamp

Youth Interns

  • Kennedy ZumMallen
  • Matthew Matheny
  • Olivia Kwasny